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13 October 2022

The thorny issue of Sanctions against Russia

The following story is spreading in part of the Western public opinion: the European Union has shot itself in the foot. In clear, the European sanctions taken against Russia would backfire. And, in ...

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13 September 2022

The Shortage of Caregivers is a major Problem for our Societies

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 15 million more health workers are needed by 2030. Europe in particular is facing severe staff shortages, both in hospitals and in clinics. The main ...

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22 July 2022

The new Russian Imperialism puts the European Union under Pressure

The Russian aggression of Ukraine also upsets the world order. And the least we can say is that the current statements of Pt Putin do not go in the direction of appeasement. Moreover, it should be ...

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21 June 2022

Are we on the Brink of a War for Food ?

To understand the magnitude of this crisis we must point out two major facts. First of all Russia and Ukraine together account for almost a third of world wheat exports. And in addition, we must ...

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20 May 2022

Is the Fear of a 3rd World War Excessive ?

Today the fighting is in Ukraine. But what will happen in a few days or weeks ? Governments and experts are already turning their gaze to Moldovia, Transnistria, the Baltic countries and even to ...

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22 April 2022

In times of Crisis Europe remains very Vulnerable

The European Union (EU) has already mobilized nearly 20 Billion euros to welcome Ukrainian refugees. The mobilization of many governments for humanitarian reasons must obviously be welcomed. At the ...

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22 March 2022

India is almost Absent from the debate on the War in Ukraine

This major crisis clearly puts New-Delhi in a delicate diplomatic position. Faced with this war in Europe, India recals that it is a non-aligned country. This means that this country is not ...

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4 March 2022

A Figure that needs to be looked at Carefully

The striking figure to remember is $ 1.8 Trillion. Our comments concern the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 (Fifteenth of the Conference of the Parties) which will take place in Kunming -China- ...

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15 February 2022

Russian Leaders want to show their Strength especially to Europeans

First of all it must be stressed that exports of Russian products are not very varied. And in fact, what does Russia export ? The top 3 exports of Russia are Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum and ...

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14 December 2021

In the Hope that the New Year 2022 will be Better than the one we just had

First of all what seems to be good news in the context of the Health Crisis we are going through: the World Health Organization (WHO) hopes that States will negotiate a new International Agreement. ...

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