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By C. Ortiz Rojas -, Public Domain,

12 November 2019 The Irresponsible Exploitation of the Sea's Resources
Almost one third of the 600 fish stocks which have been evaluated scientifically are either ...

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12 November 2019 Despite Brexit, UK and France should remain the Strong Arm of Europe
The Uk-France alliance on defence is crucial to Europe's security. Today, this alliance can ...

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29 October 2019 EU-US Trade relations: Europeans should prepare for the Worst
Relations between Europe and the United States have considerably deteriorated since the Pt Trump ...

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12 November 2019 RCEP: By opting out of it, India shows that now it fears the world
PM Modi's decision not to join RCEP is an admission that even the prospect of joining a massive regional trade agreement isn't incentive enough for ...

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With State Counsellor of Myanmar Aung Sa (CC BY-SA 2.0) by narendramodiofficial

12 November 2019 India must look beyond ASEAN in regional security
In recognition of ASEAN’s limitations, New Delhi must also continue to strengthen its ties with other institutions, frameworks, and countries as ...

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12 November 2019 Security compromised
India’s claims to being a legitimate power in cyberspace have come under doubt following two recent revelations

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    (Re.Trading Economics.Fig.2018)

    1. The USA : 15% of the Total Exports
    2. The United Arab Emirates: 11%
    3. Hong-Kong: 5%
    4. China: 4%

  • India's Exports

    Datas 2016: Trading Economics

    Exports from India: $ 22.8 billion
    Petroleum is accounting for 20% of total exports
    Chemical & Pharmaceutical for 19%
    Gems & Jewellery for 14%
    Agricultural & allied products for 10%
    Textiles & Clothing for 10%


    - Coal : 4th largest reserves in the world.
    - Mica, Bauxite : 5th largest reserves in the world.
    - Iron ore, Manganese ore : 7th largest reserves in the world.

    And Rare Earth Elements, Natural Gas, Diamonds etc...

    But India's Oil reserves only meet 30% of the country's needs.


    India: US$ 66.5 Billion

    USA: US$ 649 Billion
    China: US$ 250 Billion
    France: US$ 63.8 Billion

  • Indicators : GDP

    (Re. Trading Economics Fig.2018)

    India's GDP
    US$ 2726.32 Billion

    GDP per Capita
    US$ 2104.20

    India represents 4.40% of the World Economy

  • India's busiest Airports

    (Fig.Mania and Listnbest)
    1. Indira Gandhi International Airport: 36.88 million passengers
    2. Mumbai International Airport : 31.74 million passengers
    3. Chennai International Airport: 13.32 million passengers
    4. Bangalore International Airport: 12.84 million passengers
    5. Kolkata International Airport: 10.85 million passengers

  • India's Most Populous Cities

    Mumbai : 13,9 Million
    Delhi : 12,6 Million
    Bangalore : 8,5 Million
    Hyderabad : 6,9 Million
    Kolkata : 5,3 Million.

  • India's Greatest Fortunes

    Ranking Top Five 2018 (Forbes)

    1.Mukesh Ambani - $38 Billion - Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas
    2.Azim Premji - $19 Billion - Software Services
    3.Hinduja Family - $18.4 Billion - Diversified
    4.Lakshmi Mittal - $16.5 Billion - Steel
    5.Pallonji Mistry - $16 Billion - Construction

  • Territorial and Administrative Organization

    29 States
    7 Union Territories
    640 Districts
    17 major languages
    844 dialects.

  • Production

    India's economy is worth almost US$ 2 Trillion, has the second-largest labour force in the world, labour force by occupation:
    Agriculture 52%
    Industry 14%
    Services 34%


The first effect of the extraordinary development of the Indian economy has been to allow tens of millions of people to escape poverty. The Foundation's primary mission is to strengthen all initiatives to achieve a balanced free trade of goods and services in compliance with international commitments made by India, the European Union and all other European countries, including Switzerland. With this goal in mind, the Foundation ...

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