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13 April 2018 In the light of the rise of threats, European countries must awake from their torpor.
At a time of rising tension in many parts of the world the era of procrastination and of half ...

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By Volkswagen AG [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

13 April 2018 When the Big Boss tries to defend his Big salary : it's simply not credible
In response to a question asked by a reporter for the German magazine "Der Spiegel", ...

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"OnInnovation Interview: Elon Musk" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by OnInnovation

27 March 2018 Here is the unpretentious message we send to an overambitious business Icon
He is probably one of the most brilliant businessmen in the world. But without doubt, the ...

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Par DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

13 April 2018 In an age of leaks, just lock your data & sell it
Using your data to analyse behaviour trends is also acceptable, if only aggregated, secondary data is made

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Par NASA — (image link), Domaine public,

13 April 2018 India changing tack on space policy
India is scheduled to launch the lunar rover Chandrayaan-2 in 2018, an emblematic sign of the country's will to step up its space policy. Its efforts ...

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"PM Narendra Modi in Singapore" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by narendramodiofficial

13 April 2018 Modi’s reforms and chances of his return
Most people will be deciding on whom to vote for next year on the basis of what the Modi government has done for them in the past five years. The ...

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  • India's Exports

    Datas 2016: Trading Economics

    Exports from India: $ 22.8 billion
    Petroleum is accounting for 20% of total exports
    Chemical & Pharmaceutical for 19%
    Gems & Jewellery for 14%
    Agricultural & allied products for 10%
    Textiles & Clothing for 10%


    - Coal : 4th largest reserves in the world.
    - Mica, Bauxite : 5th largest reserves in the world.
    - Iron ore, Manganese ore : 7th largest reserves in the world.

    And Rare Earth Elements, Natural Gas, Diamonds etc...

    But India's Oil reserves only meet 30% of the country's needs.

    tourisme dentaire


    The military budget is: US$ 53.5 billion (Fig.2017)

  • Indicators : GDP

    (Figures Trading Economics)

    India GDP
    US$ 2.264 Billion (2016)

    GDP per Capita
    US$ 1262.64

    The GDP value of India represents 3.33% of the World Economy.

  • India's busiest Airports

    (Fig.Mania and Listnbest)
    1. Indira Gandhi International Airport: 36.88 million passengers
    2. Mumbai International Airport : 31.74 million passengers
    3. Chennai International Airport: 13.32 million passengers
    4. Bangalore International Airport: 12.84 million passengers
    5. Kolkata International Airport: 10.85 million passengers

  • Indian Aerospace Industry

    The Indian Aerospace Industry has experienced a robust growth during the last five years.
    It is expected to reach USD 23.52 billion by 2016. (Lucindel Report).

  • India's Most Populous Cities

    Mumbai : 13,9 Million
    Delhi : 12,6 Million
    Bangalore : 8,5 Million
    Hyderabad : 6,9 Million
    Kolkata : 5,3 Million.

  • India's Greatest Fortunes

    Ranking Top Five 2018 (Forbes)

    1.Mukesh Ambani - $38 Billion - Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas
    2.Azim Premji - $19 Billion - Software Services
    3.Hinduja Family - $18.4 Billion - Diversified
    4.Lakshmi Mittal - $16.5 Billion - Steel
    5.Pallonji Mistry - $16 Billion - Construction

  • About the Indian Parliament

    "The Parliament of India is composed of the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (House of the People).
    Among the 541 recently elected representatives at the Lok Sabha, 27% are farmers and 11.3% are women.

  • Territorial and Administrative Organization

    29 States
    7 Union Territories
    640 Districts
    17 major languages
    844 dialects.

  • Production

    India's economy is worth almost US$ 2 Trillion, has the second-largest labour force in the world, labour force by occupation:
    Agriculture 52%
    Industry 14%
    Services 34%


The first effect of the extraordinary development of the Indian economy has been to allow tens of millions of people to escape poverty, but it has also had the direct result of increased confrontation between the new Indian economy built on services and the mature economies of Switzerland and the countries of the European Union. Naturally, it is business leaders tourisme dentaire who are at the forefront in a competition that should benefit ...

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