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8 September 2017

Private Cars are not going to go away

According to Eurostat the highest number of cars per inhabitant was recorded in luxembourg with 661 cars for every 1000 inhabitants, followed by Malta Italy and Finland. Worldwide, the US has the largest motorization rate with 808 cars for every 1000 inhabitants followed by New-Zealand, Australia and Canada.

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18 August 2017

Human activities are responsible for the depletion of the Forests

Deforestation is occurring at an unprecedented rate. And we know that deforestation is the main cause of the extinction of species. Yet, and despite repeated warnings from the great majority of experts many governments are still turning a blind eye to this crucial issue.

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7 July 2017

A few facts about Food and Drink costs in European Countries

Eurostat stressed in its latest report that price levels for food, beverages and tobacco vary considerably across the 37 European countries that were the focus of its study – 28 EU members, 3 EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and 5 candidate countries ( Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Turkey).

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9 June 2017

Global Health: Significant Progresses were made

The health policies implemented by the WHO have delivered some highly encouraging results. The report prepared by Dr Margaret Chan outgoing Director-General is focusing on "Ten Years in public health 2007-2017".

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12 April 2017

An Extremely Expensive Bill

According to Swiss Re -the second largest reinsurance company in the world- the costs of disasters to our planet amounted to $ 175 billion in 2016. That was nearly double the 94 billion disasters cost in 2015. It must be stressed that the high percentage of uninsured losses in emerging markets and in developing countries remains of great concern.

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10 February 2017

When European Cities suffocate under the pressure from Tourists

Many European cities take step to curb or impede the growth of tourism. Who doesn't know the sad record of Venice in Italy? More than 60,000 people visit Venice each day, which is more than the population -56,000- who lives in the historic city. Big European cities are also suffering from excessive tourism with overcrowding at the top sites and attractions.

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13 January 2017

Counterfeit Goods Market is still Booming

The number of intercepted counterfeit goods seized by the EU customs authorities grew in 2015 by 15% compared to the previous year (Fig.European Commission). The 40 million products suspected of violating an intellectual property right had a value of nearly € 650 million.

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8 November 2016

A Destructive Trend

Our wildlife species are increasingly in danger even throughout the European continent. For brevity, it is useful just to look at the last assessment of the conservation status of around 6000 species that live in Europe. The UICN revealed that up to 25% of those species are now threatened with extinction.

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9 September 2016

The Combat against Urban Air Pollution

Indian cities have experienced exponential growth and are among the most polluted cities in the world. But pollution also affects European cities. Concerning air quality, the city of Zurich in Switzerland comes out on top followed by Copenhagen, Vienna and Stockholm.

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25 July 2016

The Impact of Terrorism on Tourism

After the terror attack in Nice and in-addition to the terrible cost in human lives, local and national authorities are concerned about the effects of terrorism on tourism. As regards the European countries, it seems that terror has a lower than expected impact on tourism. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the European travel industry has proven to be very resilient to such dramatic events and is in a position to recover relatively quickly.

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