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Logbook of an Ambassador

23 November 2012

Is India an Emerging Economy?

The global emergence of new economies has been part of the international debate for some years. The subject of the alleged decline of Europe is more recent. How do these topics relate? Three more questions: Is the emergence of new economies owed to Europe’s decline? Or is Europe declining because new economies are emerging? Or are the new economies just appearing to be emerging because Europe’s growth figures look so poor?


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3 October 2012

Road Map of an Ambassador: How to discover the Orient

“Orient” is a word of the 19th century. Today, it has been replaced by “Middle East”, particularly in political and economic contexts. But “Orient” has kept its magic. Turkey, Iran and India belong to different strategic, political and economic worlds, but stand for the magic of the “Orient”. What do they have in common and what is it that separates them? There are many ways to discover this. One of them is an ambassador’s road map.


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