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The thorny issue of Sanctions against Russia, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The following story is spreading in part of the Western public opinion: the European Union has shot itself in the foot. In clear, the European sanctions taken against Russia would backfire. And, in the end , it will cause electricity shortage this winter throughout Europe. Moreover, Moscow would circumvent the export embargos taken by the EU via the black market or thanks to its Chinese ally. And yet the economic sanctions against Russia turn out to be quite effective. Here are a few facts. Many factories in the Russian military complex have had to reduce production or even had to shut down because the electric components were all supplied by foreign countries hostile to Russian aggression. It is interesting to stress that a survey by the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies shows that out of 27 types of captured Russian weapons a large part of them contained crucial components from 70 western firms. In such a chaotic environment Russians have no choice but to buy from the North-Korean shells and Iranian drones. Today, we can say that the sanctions put in place by western countries but also by other countries around the world are hampering the Russian war effort. However we must also admit that these sanctions will not change the mindset of Pt Putin who reaffirms day after day his hatred of the West.

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