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The Consumers shake up the Food and Beverage industries

The giants of the food and drink processing industries must reinvent themselves. The consumer has become an implacable judge and an outstanding expert in the domain of nutrition. Today, he is constantly calling for greater transparency in relation to the products that he consumes. And he keeps a close eye on confectionery, ready-cooked dishes, deli meats and sodas. He wants to eat better. We believe that the consumer’s pressure should be encouraged, because this issue must also be regarded as a public health problem. It must also be stressed that the Agro-Food industry was slow to respond to the consumer demand for more traceability. The major groups have now clearly understood the great impact of transparent information on private consumption. The change in consumer behavior largely explains the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions that has hit this sector of industry. As such, in 2018, - Re.FoodDive- Conagra Brands purchased the company Pinnacle Foods for an amount of $ 10.9 billion. Nestlé sold its American candy business to Ferrero Group for $ 2.8 billion. Coca-Cola purchased the chain Costa Coffee for $ 5.1 billion. And Kraft Heinz, like other major groups, had to revalue downwards the value of many of its brands. The food and beverage industry will have to fulfill consumer demand for safe, sustainable and healthy food. Because it is clearly a permanent trend.

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