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The Chinese Pressure on its Indian Neighbor

Rivers and Snow in the Himalayas, China (CC BY-NC 2.0) by NASA Johnson

It is an indisputable fact: the Himalayas are the scene of a positional war between China and India. It should also be remembered that this conflict takes place between the two most populated countries of the planet, both nuclear powers. The two neighbors dispute a 3500 km long border. The complexity of this situation results from the fact that this border has no precise course. In summary, China claims approx. 75,000 km2 from India, that is to say almost all of the State of Arunachal Pradesh, which it considers to be an integral part of the Tibet. For its part, India claims Aksai Chin, an area of 37,000 km2 occupied by China since 1962. In 2020 the two armies clashed at more than 4000m altitude resulting in the death of dozens of soldiers from each country. It must be noted that the negotiations between China and India are currently at an impasse. However, the best-informed observers point out that China is patiently nibbling ground in Ladakh and elsewhere. Beijing would thus have conquered nearly 2000 km2 in Indian territory. This being so, it is absolutely necessary to take into account the respective weight of these two countries. China's economy today is five times the size of India's. And moreover, China's military spending is four times that of India (Re.Asia Review). Today, the power imbalance is clearly in favor of China. A China which, let us recall, supports Moscow in its detestation of the West. In such a context, we can't be wrong when we say that international relations are increasingly unpredictable.

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