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The Borderline between Work and Private Life is increasingly blurred

It is estimated that four out of five employees use social media for private purpose during working hours (Report University of Bergen -UiB-). But does this mean that it might lead to a lower rate of productivity? The study conducted by UiB points out in particular the risk of a decline in worker productivity. Indeed, and according to another study the over-use of social media during working time would result in a loss of 13% of total productivity of a company (Fig. Mediakix). These disturbing numbers explain the fact that some companies block their employees from going onto social media networks. However, we see that an increasing number of employers are flexible on this matter. They take account of the hyper-technological society in which we live. At the same time, employees ask their staff to remain connected outside office hours. Let us now recall that an average-person spends arount 2.30 hours a day on social media (Report Mediakix). These practices obviously constitute major challenges for many companies. In summary, some argue that the use of social media at workplace is a productivity killer. Others claim that many workers are using social media on the job for work-related purposes. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Addiction to social networks is obviously a real problem for many people. Therefore it is necessary to set limits. It is also in the very interest of the company to strike a proper balance between private and working life.

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