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In times of Crisis Europe remains very Vulnerable

Soldiers carrying the EU flag (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by European Parliament

The European Union (EU) has already mobilized nearly 20 Billion euros to welcome Ukrainian refugees. The mobilization of many governments for humanitarian reasons must obviously be welcomed. At the same time this crisis demonstrates the weakness of Western Europe. Only two countries have an army and armament capable of making the Russian leaders doubt: France and the UK. These two NATO members also possess their own nuclear arsenals. It should be recalled that the following countries possess a total of approximately 21.000 nuclear weapons: the USA, Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Israël, Pakistan and North- Korea. And it is worth remembering that among these countries Russia, China, Pakistan and North-Korea are not really democracies. A real European army is to this day a utopia. However, this does not prevent countries that wish to do so from substantially increasing their military budget. The reality is that today only two countries have a military budget equivalent to or greater than 2% of their GDP: the UK and France. This list is short. But with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia the question of insufficient military capabilities of the European Union becomes central for the future of the Continent. Europeans cannot only settle for possible support from NATO.

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