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Donald against the Rest of the World

By Mark Dixon from Pittsburgh, PA (DC-Climate-March-2017-1510853) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In the fight against climate change -all due respect to the Pt Trump- it is Europe that became the centre of the World. Tackling climate change is imperative for our planet's very survival. In this respect, there is no room for national egoism. Many European countries are investing heavily in renewable energy sources including wind farms and solar fields in an unprecedented effort to cut climate warming emissions. And indeed, the 5 top ranking countries based on their ability to provide sustainable energy -Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland and Germany- are all located in Europe (Energy Trilemma Index Tool). Furthermore, nearly 9 million people throughout the world work in the renewable energy industry (Report IRENA). This means that today there are more jobs in renewables than in oil, gas and coal combined. In fact, nuclear energy is being increasingly contested. And coal mining belongs to the past. Even in the US renewable energy jobs increased 6% while employment in oil and gas decreased 18%. Indian and Chinese governments reiterated their commitment to enforce the 2015 Paris Agreement. And it is true that these 2 countries which are affected by a widespread urban pollution are making the necessary efforts to meet their renewable energy targets. For its part, the EU committed itself to a 27% target for renewable energy by 2030. And we can state that the EU is successfully transitioning away from fossil fuels. It is now clear, except of course, for the climate change skeptics, that renewable energies are essential not only for the future of our planet but also in terms of job creation. This latter argument should convince even the current President of the USA.

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