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It is not disputed that China is at the origin of the current pandemic. The Chinese authorities have long hidden the real situation in the Wuhan region letting the virus spread.They then tried to regain control within the WHO arguing their capacity and availability to fight the health crisis. Beijing is a bit of the fire-fighting firefighter in this crisis. All the speeches of the Chinese authorities are today to claim that China is the only country capable of putting an end to this crisis. Given the gravity of the situation the Chinese authorities talk about creating and managing the silk roads of health. This policy will enable the Chinese authorities to assist the countries most affected by the Coronavirus around the world by distributing colossal credits that will make these countries long debtors of China. And in a second phase China wants to prove to the rest of the world that it is the only one able to produce masks and respiratory systems in huge quantities. It must be stressed that the USA are defensive in this matter. The number of Coronavirus victims continues to increase in the US. In a nutshell, this health crisis was poorly managed by the US authorities. China's health silk road is a very ambitious operation. China has already provided millions of masks and hundreds of thousands of test kits and respirators to the EU, Africa and other Asian countries. But China is already facing two major problems. First of all its huge debt. And then a population that continues to grow. These are two major challenges that this country will have to face.

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