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A few Considerations on the Aggression of Ukraine by Russia

Russia Ukraine War - Day 42: Rows of bod (CC BY 2.0) by manhhai

There is no doubt that Russia today poses the greatest threat to peace in Europe. We are watching with stupefaction to a 20th century war that takes place in the 21st century. This tragedy has already caused tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries. In such a dramatic context we must look for every positive sign. And the most encouraging sign is that an overwhelming majority of members of the European Union (EU) have condemned the Russian aggression. It must be clearly remembered that this position was not taken for granted. We are thinking of Germany, whose primary concern is its energy supply to run its economy. Or to France, which has often maintained the myth of a Europe stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals. Russia's position is not difficult to decipher. The Russian leadership , and in particular Pt Putin , did not accept that Ukraine - " a Brother country " - could decide to get closer to Western Europe to the point of considering applying for membership of the EU. In this uncertain and tense context, some countries wanted to seek a compromise with the Russian leader. Among these, Germany, France and Italy. Others wanted to be more firm in the face of the Russian aggression. Among these Poland and the Baltic States. The main mistake of the Russian leaders was to believe that the EU would not react to the brutal invasion of Ukraine. But public opinion in Western Europe would not have admitted it. And finally most EU leaders did not bow down to the Russian leadership. Another fundamental error of Pt Putin was to believe that the Americans occupied with their rivalry with China would ignore the situation in Europe. On the contrary, the USA and also the UK give the Ukrainians the most modern weapons. However, the war in Ukraine is likely to last and the mobilization by Russia of more than a million and a half men is very worrying.

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