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A Figure that needs to be looked at Carefully

The striking figure to remember is $ 1.8 Trillion. Our comments concern the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 (Fifteenth of the Conference of the Parties) which will take place in Kunming -China- from 25 April to 8 May 2022. Let us recall that the COP15 on biodiversity is an important opportunity to debate about the global framework for biodiversity post 2022. On this occasion the B Team and Business for Nature launched a joint brief called: "Financing our Survival: Building a Nature Positive Economy through Subsidy Reform". In a word, the position of these two groups consists in emphasizing that huge governments subsidies end up driving the destruction of our natural environment. The leaders of the B Team (Richard Branson, Muhammad Yunus and many others) are among the founders of the B Team. All those personalities whose competence can hardly be questioned agree on the same objective: the funds distributed to companies in particular by Governments must not harm nature. Consequently, Businesses and Governments have an opportunity to reform and redirect $ 1.8 Trillion of environmentally harmful subsidies including support to fossil fuels companies and agriculture. It should be noted that such an amount represents 2% of the Global GDP. The importance of these subsidies fully justifies engaging in serious reflection on the allocation of such amounts.

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