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A British withdrawal from the European Union:Bluff or real Threat?

The EU diminishing importance for British trade-the proportion of exports going to the 17 eurozone nations fell in recent figures to less than 45%-does not mean that the UK would be well advised to withdraw from the EU.The British Premier claiming for the reduction of the contribution to the european budget is calling with a great regularity for the departure of his country from the EU.It's only electioneering.First it would be difficult to renegociate membership terms while remaining a member of the EU.Europe "A la carte" does not yet exist.Moreover and this is the main thing,Britain's prosperity depends on trade with Europe.The UK's small and medium enterprises that form the spinal cord of the economy are not prepared to operate on emerging markets.These enterpreneurs have limited financial means and therefore can only expand their business in a secure economic environment. In brief, the authorities will not run the risk of losing UK's open access to trade with the EU.Especially if we consider that since 2000 Britain's share of global exports have decreased about 50%,the sharpest decline among the world's 20 biggest economies.

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