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Youth unemployment remains the Achilles heel of Europe

By ZC Comms (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A " Lost Generation ! ". Although this observation cannot be completely denied, however, it is a little bit outrageous. This said, the fact is that the figures for youth unemployment are alarming. And many young people are still forced to migrate to find employment. Eurostat estimates that about 19 million people were unemployed in the EU-28 (Fig.July 2017). Among the Member States, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in the Czech Republic (2.9%), in Germany (3.7%) and in Malta (4.1%). In contrast, the highest unemployment rates were recorded in Greece (21.7%) and in Spain (17.1%). Yet, despite a modest but real improvement which was registered in recent months, nearly 3.8 million young persons -under 25- were still unemployed. Youth unemployment rate can be estimated to 46.6% in Greece, 38.8% in Spain and to 37 % in Italy. This situation is particularly worrisome for the future of these countries where youth unemployment rates can more than double the unemployment rates for all ages. And of course, it could eventually lead to acute social problems. But something further needs to be said. Too many young Europeans still opt for academic studies which have little work opportunities. In this regard, many countries are watching with interest the apprenticeship system which was developed in Switzerland. The high employment rate in this country is the demonstration that this strategy is bearing fruit.

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