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Yes, We have become Slaves to Technology

Today, it is estimated that more than 150 billion e-mails are sent daily around the globe. Humans provide more information in 2 days than they did in the 2 preceding milleniums! In fact, it becomes difficult not to be permanently connected especially when you carry out a professional activity. According to experts, the e-mails management - sorting and dealing - would account for nearly 30% of the working day of many employees, in managerial positions or not. Moreover, an increasing number of executives and professionals are unable to disconnect during the evening period. The consequences are felt by enterprises as well as by workers and their families: drop in productivity, burn-out, nervous breakdown etc...Some companies begin to understand the importance to give employees the autonomy they need to decide whether they stay connected or not past a certain time of night. However, it is anything but straightforward to release us from the "digital leash". The client, around the corner or around the world, expects an immediate response to his enquiry. And of course, it leads to a constant pressure on those who must answer the e-mails within the company. But, when we are in private life things should be entirely different. Sadly, this is where our addiction to the latest technology tools comes in. We complain all the time about the lack of time for pleasure. But, on this specific point, we are exclusively responsible. Yes, many of us have become consenting slaves to technology and the sharing of our private life on social networks has clearly become an addiction.

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