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We have to wonder about the Production and the Use of Plastic

Coloured plastic waste...

Plastic is everywhere around us and with us. To be convinced of that just have a look at your smartphone and computer. It is essential to emphasize that plastic is easy and cheap to produce. It's even cheaper than recycling it. We must therefore admit that plastic will not be replaced easily and quickly. And yet, a large part of the population especially in developed countries is well informed about the nuisance of this material. However, that does not prevent people from throwing plastic products anywhere. But this is the case even in countries which have all modern recycling facilities. One must add that in many developing countries plastic has still a very positive image. And for example, let us recall that plastic bags are still distributed systematically and free of charge in many food markets around the world. We must also recall that plastic pollution is the most widespread pollution affecting the marine environment. And let us also stress that almost all plastics are made from chemicals that come from the production of planet-warming fuels such as gas and oil (Re.CIEL). The WWF listed the worst single-use plastics. They include: plastic straws-plastic drink stirrers-plastic balloons-plastic cotton buds and coffee cups and lids (around 2.6 Billion coffee cups end up in landfills each year!). More than a Trillion plastic bags are used every year ( We must try to break our "plastic-habits". Everyone agreed that the fight against useless plastic will be long and difficult.

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