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We have to look the truth in the eyes: millions of people will be unemployable

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We have entered an era in which technological developments are fast-moving. The employability of young men and women will clearly depend on their capacity to master these new technologies. It is hardly surprising that in the face of this challenge, policy makers are working on the introduction of a basic universal income which will target those who will be left behind. There are few people today who still deny that the least skilled jobs will, in the medium term, be replaced by robots. So, in our hyper-competitive environment what place will be reserved to those who are unable to read a simple note? In fact, the prospects are poor for these people. Even in the so-called developed societies, too many young adults are still unable to read -and write- adequately. This sad reality is reflected in the 2016 "Progress in International Reading Literacy Study" (PIRLS). This ranking tested more than 300,000 students in 50 different countries. France only makes 34th place and outstripped Chile, Morocco and Egypt. The top 5 of the PIRLS ranking are in the following order: Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland and Finland. Being illiterate today means that either you are unemployed or you can only apply for lower-quality jobs. As a result eventually, you will probably remain in a precarious financial position for most of your life. The educational system must therefore be urgently reformed with the aim of strongly reducing the number of marginalized young adults. In the event of failure, some will rightly talk about a predicted disaster.

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