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We are going through a Difficult Period that forces us to Choose our Side

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Here is an unambiguous statement from the Russian authorities: Russia wants to eliminate Western domination in the world. And China shares this opinion. In a nutshell the Western world and especially the USA is designated as existential threat. And Russia has made it a priority to eliminate Western domination in the world. And China shares this opinion. In this context of great tension we fully understand the concern of a majority of European citizens when they talk about the war in Ukraine which could last for several more years. All serious observers of this conflict agree that American support is key for the leaders of Kyiv. It should also be emphasized that the EU does not think of itself as being a military power. It was not his vocation. However, the British -outside the EU- and French armies are powers to be reckoned with. And they are nuclear powers. But it must be honestly recognized that without the support of the United States the Ukrainian army would be in great difficulty. And the dispute over Taiwan is another example of the centrality of the USA to the defense of democracy. Admittedly, American foreign policy can be criticized: let's remember the Vietnam war. But let us underline that today Russia under the benevolent gaze of China accuses the United States of being at the source of the main conflicts in the world. This is obviously a falsehood. But what is true is that the Authoritarians Regimes around the world want to disrupt democracies. And that less than half of the world's population lives today in a democracy. This is obviously a major concern.

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