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Walls are going up all over the World

Bőr Benedek [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The facts stand: we build more and more protective walls in our increasingly connected and global world. In a politically sensitive context that affects in particular Europe, national governments must demonstrate to their own population that strong measures have been taken to ensure the security of their country. In fact, these measures are essentially aimed at preventing illegal immigration. The wall between the USA and Mexico is at the center of Pt Trump's political agenda. Yet, the US President is far of being isolated on this issue. Many EU countries are following the same trend. 10 out of 28 Member States stretching from Spain to Latvia have built such border walls (Re: The Independent). At the end of World War II , there were 7 border walls or fences in the world. Today, there are at least 77 walls or safety fences around the world (Re. E.Vallet-University of Quebec). Numerous projects are under way: Hungary builds a barrier along its border with Croatia. Macedonia builds a fence on Greek border. Austria is planning to build a fence along its border with Italy in the Alps. Outside Europe: Turkey finishes the construction of a wall on its southern border with Syria. Tunisia is erecting a fence on Lybia border. Israel is planning to expand the construction of a wall on the West Bank. India is continuing the construction of a safety fence with Bangladesh etc....etc... Yet, history reminds us that such walls can be torn down and that borders are rarely impenetrable barriers.

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