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Violence against Women: unfortunately still high on the Agenda

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Violence against women and girls is on the rise globally. It is estimated that 137 women across the world are killed by a member of their own family every day (Re.UN Women). And worldwide, 38% of murders are committed by an intimate partner (Re.the World Bank). It may also be recalled that across the world 650 million girls were married before age18, often forced. It should also be noted that fourteen of the twenty five countries with the highest rates of feminicide in the world are located in Latin America (Re.Council on Foreign Relations). But it must be remembered that violence against women is a global phenomenon. In Europe, 50 women die every week from male domestic violence. And it is estimated that 95% of all acts of violence taking place within the home are against women (Re.Council of Europe). But we must also stress that such staggering figures do not take into account the fact that the majority of victims do not file complaints because of social and family constraints. The fight against gender-based violence is essentially the responsibility of public authorities. But obviously laws and criminal justice responses alone are not enough. Education and prevention are undoubtedly key elements of the strategy to combat this devastating violence. Today, this violence affects women and girls of all socio-economic backgrounds. We should all support the fight against violence, on a planetary scale, with more determination.

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