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Unsurprisingly, Crises show the Worst and the Best Behaviors

A Red Cross volunteer hands out food aid (CC BY 2.0) by DFID - UK Department for International Development

It is often stressed that times of crises may bring out the evil as well as the good. And this is true in times of peace and in times of war. The current health crisis has now turned into a humanitarian crisis in many countries. And of course, if this crisis hits hard some developed countries it hits even harder many developing countries. But this pandemic can also create a major solidarity movement between individuals and between states. Some people will offer emotional support and some people help neighbors for grocery shopping. But at the same time other individuals will take advantage of the distress of others. Large criminal organisations as well as small crooks eagerly await times of such crises and downturns. Here are just a few examples of scams committed during this difficult period. 1.Massive sale of non-compliant bottles of antiseptic hand gel. 2.Repacking of huge quantities of masks in order to hide their true place of manufacture. 3.And of course the promotion of a multitude of miracle products totally ineffective to fight against the disease. However, this crisis will also have two important effects. First of all, it proves that solidarity between nations is fundamental to effectively combat a virus that knows no borders. And then it recalls that solidarity between humans is essential to give the young generations the desire to advance the societies in which they live.

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