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Uncertain Prospects in a World under Pressure

World Health Organization (CC BY-ND 2.0) by US Mission Geneva

Let's try to figure out what the current concerns of many people around the planet could be. A difficult task at first glance. Not really! In fact, the current concerns of the international community differ little from one country to another. A majority of countries regardless of their size or power are today deeply concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. And they also wonder how they will fight tomorrow against the dramatic rise in unemployment. The World Health Organization (WHO) which tries to coordinate the policies and actions of the Member States in the fight against the pandemic is subject to excessive criticism. Because in fact each member country remains sovereign to manage the crisis on its own territory. The WHO recently submitted a list of "The most urgent health challenges to tackle in 2020". We will quote the top 6 of this list.1.Elevating health in the climate debate.2.Delivering health in conflict and crisis.3.Making healthcare fairer.4.Expanding access to medicines.5.Stopping infectious diseases.6.Preparing for epidemics. Moreover the international organization stressed that "currently more time and resources are spent reacting to a new strain of influenza or an outbreak of yellow fever, rather than preparing for future outbreaks. But it is not a question of if a dangerous virus will come about- but when". This statement summed up the present situation very well.

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