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Tourist but also customer and consumer

Authorities and people throughout the world should spare no effort to give tourists a warm welcome.In many countries,and in particular during this crisis period,they contribute significantly to give a surplus to the balance of trade.In 2011 international tourism generated US$ 1.2 trillion in export earnings.Yet too many professionals rest on their laurels and think that ancient monuments and prestigious museums are enough to attract and cover the needs of the tourists.But they should be aware of the current fierce competition within the tourism market.And also that tourism is among the largest employers in many countries. The growth of the middle class in emerging markets should boost this industry which could generate a stream of 2 billion global travellers by 2025!
According to the last WEF survey about travel and tourism competitiveness, Switzerland, Germany, Austria with Spain, the UK and France are still in the lead. But there is no doubt that these countries will have to fight if they intend to keep their lead.

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