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Too many People in too many Countries still live in Poverty despite having a Job

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Some 2 Billion people around the world -representing more than 60% of the global labour force- work illegally and very often under precarious conditions. This is one of the particularly striking figures from the latest report of the International Labour Organization (ILO) entitled « World Employment and Social outlooks-Trends 2020 ». And here is another shameful number which is unacceptable: 630 million workers are earning less than US$ 3.20 per day in purchasing power parity terms. This means that currently working poverty affects more than one in five of the global working population. Moreover, it should be recalled that being in employment does not always guarantee a decent living. In fact, poor quality employment remains today a major issue in both industrialized and developing countries. Furthermore, we must point out that the expected slowdown in global economic growth will only aggravate the situation, on the back of a growing labour force. The younger generations will be most affected. In this respect, it must be stressed that today 267 million young people (aged 15-24) are not in employment, education or training. Of course, the major issues of high unemployment, difficult access to the labour market, massive illegal work and precarious working conditions explain a large part of the increasing social dissatisfaction and unrest we can now observe in many countries throughout the world.

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