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This is a Call for a Broad Coordinated Mobilization Worldwide to fight Climate Change

Today, there is a large scientific consensus that climate change should be at the top of the list of important policy issues. There is also a large scientific consensus that global warming was occurring faster than previously thought and that human activity was primarily responsible. However, we believe that talking about Climate Apocalypse and putting the deadline for a Climate Breakdown in 2030 is not the best way to take up this huge challenge. Such statements create needless panic among the public. In fact, it is again essential to point out that climate experts also agree on one key strategy to respond effectively and efficiently to climate-related challenges: governments across the world must now urgently raise the price of emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Obviously, we are engaged in a long and difficult combat. In short, each year the world emits over 36 Billion metric tons (36 gigatons-GT) of carbon dioxide. And that is roughly 2.5 times what climate scientists consider to be a safe level of emissions (Re.Michael Spence-Proj.Synd.). Having that in mind, we now must take major steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Indeed, we are on the brink of missing the target to limit global warming to 1.5°C. If we rely on the current climate commitments of the Paris Agreement, temperatures can be expected to rise to 3.2°C this century resulting in disastrous impacts on the lives of tens of millions people across the world (Re.UN environment programme). The question may arise, are we really running out of time to stop climate change? Our response is this: we are neither discouraged nor deterred. Let us act together, at all levels, in our country and throughout the world to address the climate change.

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  • Bhardwaj Pushtie said:

    I am a part of this world and it’s my fundamental duty. So I will help in this


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