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They call the shots in the European skies, and sometimes ruin your vacation

More than 16,000 flights (Re.Eurocontrol) had been delayed by June 2018 due to Air Traffic Control (ATC) strikes. These social movements affected more than 2 million passengers. Across the EU, ATC strikes occur most frequently in France -an increase by 300% versus 2017- followed by Greece, Italy and Portugal. ATC strikes between 2010 and 2017 have cost more than €13 billion to the EU economy (Re.A4E-PwC). Europe's biggest airlines have filed complaint with the European Commission over these strikes. Air traffic controllers can decide overnight to go on strike without any regard for the consequences for travellers. In fact, a few people prohibit overflight of national territory to millions of passengers. As a result, more and more travellers are subject to delays and massive disruptions. It is also very costly for air carriers which have to pay compensation for the delays and rebook passengers on alternative flights. This situation is unacceptable. Among a series of proposals for confronting this challenge, we choose the most practicable and effective: a mandatory 72-hour individual notification period for employees wishing to strike. In addition, a minimum level of service must be guaranteed for air passengers. In view of the explosion in air traffic, governments and authorities must take action urgently. Dissatisfaction and exasperation are steadily increasing among air passengers.

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