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There will not only be Winners in this New world

By M P Hennessey - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The impact of the current technological revolution on the employability of individuals could be devastating. We know, of course, that the past scientific and technological discoveries fueled the economic growth around the world. However, we could soon experience in the very fabric of society a major problem: the strong presence of "permanently unemployable" people. In fact, more and more observers are increasingly concerned about the consequences of new technologies -Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robots- on our contemporary societies. The reality is that many people won't be able to adapt to new jobs. There is therefore an urgent need to review the issue of future financing of a basic universal income for these people. The most pessimistic of experts predicted that 54% of EU jobs are at risk of computerization (Re. Bruegel). Other experts believe that 14% of jobs are highly automatable and another 32% have a significant risk of automation (Re.OECD). In all cases, job losses are likely to be heavy. Y-N Harari is the author of Homo Deus and of 21 lessons for the 21th century. He sums up very clearly the issues at stake for us: " The crucial problem isn't creating new jobs. The crucial problem is creating new jobs that humans perform better than algorithms. Consequently by 2050 a new class of people might emerge, the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable ". Such changes would of course pose enormous challenges for our social policies and for the stability of our societies.

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