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There is always Hope even in times of Crisis

Photo by Bicanski on Pixnio

First of all, let us state very clearly that we do not believe - a theory heard here and there - that a new world could emerge from the Covid19 crisis. But let us hope that this global health crisis will help strengthen solidarity between people. That said, work activities but also leisure activities - including museums, restaurants and bars - have been suspended for weeks and even months. These measures are not easily accepted by the public. And we already know that the number of bankruptcies - including services and industries - will increase significantly. This crisis will result in the definitive closure of many small and medium-sized enterprises. And as we have already stressed, economy and health are two sides of the same coin. The deterioration of economic activity often precedes the deterioration of people's health. We should also consider the fact that we are facing an extremely contagious virus. And we must also take into account that the population in the vast majority of countries will not endure long-term restraint measures. That's why we need to have States and Institutions that adopt a clear health policy. Finally, and considering the situation of tension that many people feel today we have chosen some comforting news. Retired physicians who spontaneously offer their services to overcrowded hospitals. And, of course, researchers who are working tirelessly to develop a new vaccine.

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