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The use of Drones, not only on the Battlefields!

Most military strategists are fascinated with drones. For our part, we prefer to focus on the use of drones for economic, social or environmental reasons. In a context of overpopulation and at the same time in an era of diminishing natural resources the use of drones to limit intensive agriculture and irrigation is already of great importance. An increasing number of farmers, at least in developed countries, are now able to take advantage of this technology to tailor their use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer. Drones can also be used against illegal fishing which represents about 20% of all fish hauled around the world. Petroleum and gas companies provide another example: their managers underline the importance of the use of drones which should help this industry to achieve its goal of zero incidents resulting in less pollution for the maritime environment. In a completely different field, drones will also help States to ensure compliance with tax laws. Countries like Greece or Spain face huge problems with unauthorized buildings. In Andalusia alone, which includes the famous Costa del Sol, inspectors found 373,224 undeclared buildings! But on the other hand, we are well aware that some people could use these devices for criminal purposes: burglary and theft, drug trafficking etc...And this technology is available to us as individuals or for industry applications at a relatively low cost. Finally, in our rapidly changing world the massive use of drones will win public acceptance only if authorities can ensure that the privacy of citizens can be properly respected.

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