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The scale of the Indian Emigration

UK - London - Upton Park: Queens Market (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by wallyg

The UN estimate that at 18 Million India has the world's largest diaspora population. This figure is to compare with another estimate of about 300 Million immigrants in the world. It must be stressed that the size of a diaspora has an obvious influence on both domestic and foreign policy of the country of origin of emigration. It is also essential to remember the importance of the financial flows generated by foreign workers to their country of origin. It should also be emphasized that Indian citizens who have chosen to emigrate are as many individuals with advanced professional qualifications as people without any real training. They most often made this choice to take advantage of higher wages than those in their countries of birth. It should be stressed that the UAE, the USA and Saudi Arabia are the countries that host the largest number of migrants from India. That said, it should be recalled that China and Russia are also the source of significant diasporas in the world. It is interesting to remember that the attraction of the USA remains unmatched in the world. The USA is by far the largest country of destination of international migrants. The size and flexibility of the US labour market are obviously key factors for those who want to emigrate. Now, with regard to the European continent the attractiveness of the UK and Germany are still very strong. And as an example, the top jobs fields in the UK are IT&Tech, Healthcare and secondary Education ( Or precisely many Indian workers are perfectly qualified for these jobs. In conclusion and given the evolution of our societies we can easily predict that emigration from India will increase in the coming years.

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