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The new Russian Imperialism puts the European Union under Pressure

The Russian aggression of Ukraine also upsets the world order. And the least we can say is that the current statements of Pt Putin do not go in the direction of appeasement. Moreover, it should be stressed that the Russian president could remain in office until 2036! As we write this article, we can only see an intensification of fighting and destruction. And what is equally worrying is that the intentions of the Russian leader to recreate a "Great Russia" mean that he intends to annex or subjugate other countries such as the Baltic countries. We must also point out that the sanctions put in place by the USA and the EU will not bend a dictator who easily sells his oil and gas to many countries in the world including China,India and some African countries. However, many observers underline that the main leaders of the European Union reacted swiftly and firmly to Russia's aggression of Ukraine. But the Russian leader ignored it. For him the EU is a predominantly economic club. And in fact it must be admitted that the EU today is not an organization capable of dealing with a conflict of such intensity. This is why Russia's aggression of Ukraine has put NATO back at the center of this tragic conflict.

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