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The «Lider Maximo» has created the «Chaos Maximo» in his country

By CancillerĂ­a Ecuador (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many governments in Europe and beyond have decided to increase pressure on the authorities in Caracas. Venezuela is on the verge of social and economic disaster. The IMF, for 2018, predicts a new 15% drop in GDP and inflation could reach a record level of 13800% ! Four capitals in the world warmly welcomed the recent re-election of Nicolas Maduro as President of the Venezuela: Pekin, Moscow, Ankara and Havana. China and Russia have both granted substantial loans to Venezuela and they don't want to lose their shirts. As for Pt Erdogan, he is well known for his great empathy for authoritarian rulers. And of course, Cuban leaders can only applaud the "brilliant" re-election of a brother in arms. How can a country that has the largest proven oil reserves in the world be in such a dire situation ? The answer to that question in two words: incompetence and corruption. To these must be added the sectarian Chavist ideology that will leave Venezuela in ruins. The country's oil production has dropped drastically. The public health system has collapsed. A significant part of the population -80%- lives below the poverty line. In response to criticisms from his opponents, Pt Maduro said that Venezuela was in fact the victim of an economic war led by the US and the EU. In spite of this, he reiterated that Venezuela was in good shape. Reality, however, is less cheerful: almost 4 million Venezuelans of a total population of 32 million have already left the country. And the truth is that Venezuela is sinking before our eyes into an increasingly dangerous situation.

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