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The impacts of Climate Change are already apparent and measurable

According to the World Bank it is estimated that natural disasters cost about US$ 18 Billion a year in low-and middle-income countries through damage to power generation and transport infrastructure alone. And the impact of extreme natural disasters is equivalent to US$ 520 Billion loss in annual consumption. Moreover, these extreme weather events drive some 26 Million people into poverty each year ( According to the World Meteorological Organization the year 2019 concludes a decade of exceptional global heat, retreating ice and record sea levels driven by greenhouse gases from human activities. As a result, and to take but one example of the degradation of our Planet, sea water is 26% more acidic that at the start of the industrial era (WMO). And of course, climate change and in particular global warming has a very negative impact on food security. Given this difficult context, the number of forced displacements associated with climate disasters could climb to 22 Million for the year 2019 (Re.UN-IOM). This being said, an overwhelming majority of scientists agree on one fundamental point: we must urgently reduce the environment impact of human activities. The good news is that more and more governments across the world, a significant part of the business community and an increasing number of consumers are aware of the importance of the sustainable development priority. It is high time that we took action together!

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