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The disastrous Pollution caused by Plastic items

At least 50 trillion micro plastic particles are floating on the surface of the oceans (Re.UN). And by 2050 it is estimated that by weight the ocean will contain more plastic than fish (Re.E.McArthur Found.). This pollution which is visible to everyone represents a major challenge for our planet. It would be unfair to blame only the manufacturers and the public authorities. Because, obviously, consumers bear a heavy responsibility in this ecological disaster. It is estimated that over 50% of plastic entering the ocean comes from just 5 developing countries where there is an abysmal lack of waste management capacity (Re.Jambeck-Geyer). But clearly, all countries around the world -developed and developing- are responsible for this catastrophic situation. It is a fact that the packaging industry in particular must invest much more to develop new packaging products. And it is also a fact that the food and beverage industry needs to do its part by using much more recycled plastic and by eliminating unnecessary packaging. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 1 trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe (Re.Earth Policy Institute). Accordingly, citizens must increasingly become responsible consumers. We believe that the "polluter pays" principle should apply to both companies and individuals. The EU leads the fight against the proliferation of plastic articles. It has decided to ban a number of disposable plastic products from 2020. But things are moving too slowly here. Indeed, today nearly 80% of the plastic items end up in landfill or the environment (Re.Advances Sciencemag). Time has come to move from rhetoric to action!

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