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The complete abolition of Borders between European States is not for tomorrow

© Raimond Spekking

The coronavirus could represent for European nationalists a major opportunity to explain the necessity to reinforce the borders between the Member States. Let us just recall briefly the two main objectives of the Schengen treaty which was signed in 1985. The first aim was to allow all EU residents to travel across the internal borders of its member countries without being checked.The second aim of the treaty was to ensure the safety of all its citizens. These are the principles of Schengen. Or what are we seeing on the occasion of the current health crisis ? There is clearly a lack of spontaneous solidarity between the EU Member States. Each national government only thinks of locking its own borders most often without real consultation with neighboring states. And to this day, there is not even a serious common policy on the purchase of vaccines. The European Union had the opportunity to demonstrate on the occasion of this pandemic that it was capable of taking urgent and difficult decisions. The EU missed this opportunity.

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