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The aggressive attitude of Turkish Leaders enabled Europeans to close ranks

The 27 Members of the European Union asked Pt Erdogan to stop illegal drilling in Cyprus waters. It must be stressed that on this occasion the EU authorities provided an unequivocal support to Greece, member of the Union since 1981. And it must also be said that the united stance and determination displayed by the EU surprised many observers more accustomed to watch European authorities to turn a blind eye to the aggressive attitude of the Turkish leader. Pt Erdogan has been in power since 2002. And 15 years ago Turkey started is accession negotiations with the European Union. At this time Turkey's future accession to the EU was generally well accepted by public opinion. But today, Turkey's accession to the "Club" no longer seems to be a realistic goal. The deterioration of the relations between the two parties is mainly due to the policy of the current Turkish authorities on human rights. Indeed, the picture is clear: there is a significant decline in human rights in this country. It must also be added that the serious issue of Turkey's maritime boundaries with Greece and Cyprus but also the military operations conducted or commissioned by Ankara in Syria and Libya and in Nagorno-Karabakh contribute to widening the gap between the parties. Turkey's gunboat diplomacy cannot be accepted by the Europeans. This worrying situation has forced the EU members to raise the tone against Turkey. In this tense context, the European Commission recently stated that Turkey's accession to the EU was at standstill.

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