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The Quad : Whatever they say this Alliance was clearly directed against China

Aukus is the first official pact launched by the US, Australia and the UK to counter China. In short, the clear objective of this security pact is to counter China in the Asia-Pacific region. But another major alliance was launched under the name of "the Quad". It includes the following countries: USA, India, Japan and Australia. The preamble to the agreement establishing the Quad states that it is about creating a free and open region anchored in democratic values. Obviously the current Chinese power turns its back on these democratic values imported from the West. As a result the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) and the Aukus military and technology pact are the backbone of a policy aimed at containing China's military and economic power. The issues brought to the attention of the Quad are of considerable importance to many nations in the world. They include telecommunications and space security. This clear-cut strategy is intended to counterbalance Chinese power in the Asia-Pacific region but also in the rest of the world. It must also be recalled that this agreement known as the "Quadrilateral Security Dialog" was already in preparation in 2007. Indeed the intention to counter the rise of China in the world is not new. China's aggressive stance towards territorial claims in the South China See has only accelerated this movement. However, and despite this threatening context, the Quad has no imperialist vision. But this group of nations must be ready to act in case of aggression against a country in the region.

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  • OTABIL Derick said:

    Understand is key of peace so all the nations should understand each other so that separations will not come and make peace.


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