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The Fears of our Citizens at Summer's end

By JT Curses, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Terrorism and climate change are the leading threats people perceive today around the world. This is according to the latest Pew Research Center study. Nearly 42,000 thousand people in 38 countries were asked to choose the problems that worried them most : 62% named ISIS and 61% the global climate change. The latter attacks which have occurred in Spain, but also the increase in flooding, forest fires and drought all over the world can only entrench this trend. In addition, 6 other threats are also listed in this survey as follows : Cyberattacks (51%)- the Global Economy (51%)- Refugees (39%)- US power (35%)- Russia's power (31%)- China's power (31%). It is worth noting that French, Italian and German citizens felt especially threatened by the ISIS group, with respectively 88%, 85% and 77% of the respondents. Global climate change was the top concern for Spanish, Swedish and Canadian citizens, with respectively 89%, 64% and 60% of the people surveyed. It should also be stressed that the issue of climate change has now become a priority concern throughout all continents. Ranking third, the cyberattacks from other countries are a major concern for Japanese, Americans, Germans and British. Finally, and it might be surprising, respondents now consider the US power and influence as rather more worrisome than Russia's or China's power. The election of the new US President is probably a major explanation for this change in public opinion.

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