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The Fashionable Debate: Pandemic and Intergenerational Solidarity

Many social scientists pointed out that the Covid19 pandemic was a great opportunity to test the multigenerational relationships. What is described in most countries around the world is an increased solidarity between generations. What is indisputable is that many young people helped seniors in their daily lives: from food shopping to administrative formalities. At the same time the elderly often helped their children and grandchildren financially. But a less romanticized analysis of the facts leads us to question the place of young students and young workers in times of crisis. Repeated lockdowns undermines people's morale and especially that of young people. It should also be remembered that many young adults live in small flats. Moreover trendy meeting places and cinemas are closed. And above all looking for a job to pay the costs incurred in their studies has become almost impossible. Consequently more and more governments taking in account the exceptional situation we are experiencing have decided to assist students and job seekers with a financial support. This is clearly the right direction.

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