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The European Union is perceived as a Purely Economic Organization

Europe plays without any doubt a major role in world trade. But as a political actor its role remains modest. It should be stressed that the EU is the world largest exporter of manufactured goods and services in the world. The EU-27 accounts for around 15% of the world's trade in goods (Re.Eurostat). The top 5 trading partners with the EU are:1.USA.2.China.3.UK.4.Switzerland. 5.Russia (Re.European Commission). But the EU failed to act as a global power. Indeed, Europeans have shown that they were too often politically disunited and lacking military presence. It must also be highlighted that EU Member States such as Poland and Hungary which yet benefit massively from the European recovery plans do not accept the European vision of Human Rights. It is important to stress that the EU still lacks credibility in the critical field of defense and security. Today Europe's security is in the eyes of a majority of observers fully dependent on NATO and the USA. In a nutshell, European Union's credibility as an important international player will depend heavily on its military capabilities.

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