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The Boom in the Growth of Renewable Energy

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It is undoubtedly the good news of our time. It is also simply the proof that our planet has a bright future ahead of it. The increasing growth of renewable energies is crucial if we want to seriously combat greenhouse gas emissions and as a result reduce air pollution. We are on the right track. Today, renewable energy sources make up 26% of the world's electricity and is expected to reach 30% by 2024 (Re.IEA). Technologies such as solar photovoltaics and wind are at the heart of this energy revolution. The continuing falling costs of the renewable energy is an indisputable fact. According to the IEA the cost of solar power is expected to decline by a further 15 to 35% by 2024. It is also interesting to note that "Carbon Tracker" predicts that 72% of coal based power will become unprofitable by 2040. That said, the end of fossil fuels is not for tomorrow. The increasing use of coal in the world proves otherwise.

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