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Switzerland tops Global Innovation Index

According to a report drawn up by Cornell University(USA), Insead Institute (France) and the World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland remains for the third time in a row the most innovative country in the world. It is worth noting that the Confederation of Indian Industry has collaborated to this 2013 report. This index highlights the key role of innovation as a driver of economic growth and competitiveness. Institutions, Human Capital and Research but also Infrastructures, Market and Business sophistication are the pillars which provide a crucial contribution to a country's development. The top ten 2013 ranking is: 1.Switzerland - 2.Sweden - 3.UK - 4.Netherlands - 5.USA - 6.Finland - 7.Hong Kong (China) - 8.Singapore - 9.Denmark - 10.Ireland. And a group of middle and low-income countries including China and India develop at a rapid pace. All these countries clearly understood that Knowledge and Technology constitute the engines of economic growth. And Innovation will remain at the centre of the fight against mass unemployment. The investment effort needs thus to be massive. It is a matter of survival for many States !

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