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Strain on Relations between India, Europe and China

A coalition of more than 165 human rights groups asked the IOC to deprive Beijing of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. On the same day, more than 300 NGO urged the UN to investigate human rights violations in China, including the strategic region of Xinjiang. For its part, India has planned to review a great number of memorandums of understanding signed with Chinese educational institutions. It is also interesting to recall that during the year 2020 the Indian government has banned 118 Chinese mobile phone and desktop applications including Tik Tok and Baidu (Re.India TV). India defends its interests and can only observe that China dominates the world trade in the same way as the United States. In the current delicate international situation, most European countries have clearly chosen to develop quickly their trade relations with China. Obviously on the strictly economic level such a choice can be justified. But at the same time many European authorities feel too dependent on China. That said, it is also important to recall that negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the EU are at a standstill. These negotiations were launched in 2007 and were suspended in 2013. The talks are in a deadlock. But it has not affected the increase in trade between these two regions of the world. The trade in goods between India and the EU increased by 72% over the last decade (Re.drishti). But we must also highlight that since July 2020, China has become EU's top trading partner (Re.Xinhuanet). And the fact is that China has become a dominating force across the world. And all this in a very short time!

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