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Social distancing or Physical distancing ?

In a period of serious health crisis this question can appear as derisory. However, one must be careful with the expression we use. The current pandemic is undoubtedly a major challenge for governments and health authorities. But it is also a trauma for the whole society. Politicians prefer to use the term "physical distancing". Will physical distancing become the new norm ? The first question is this one: is physical distancing a long-term option ? This seems unlikely. That said, physical distancing appears to be increasing in many countries. And another question: will working from home become the new normal ? This is possible for a few executives and for many office workers. The WHO has rightly suggested to promote the term "physical distancing" as opposed to "social distancing" because in fact it is the physical distance which prevents transmission of the coronavirus. It must be remembered among other examples that during the 1918 flu pandemic bans on public gatherings and school closures had also been adopted. Since March 2020 many countries across the world began implementing measures to slow viral transmission. Physical distancing is in fact a common sense measure requiring reinforcement.

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