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Should we first Protect the Health of our Citizens or first Protect our Economy?

Most Governments in the world acknowledged that the Coronavirus epidemic presents an immense challenge. The same Governments claim with their hands over their hearts that the health of their peoples comes first. But is that a really sincere answer? As a matter of fact, it is not wrong to say that health and economy are two sides of the same coin. And it has been very often observed in the history of humanity that health and economy go together. It is undeniable that economic crises and of course wars have dire consequences for public health. During those hard times access to care often becomes a privilege from which the bulk of the population is excluded. If we consider the crisis we are currently experiencing, we can observe that this type of crisis is putting many households and companies under high pressure. One of the serious consequences of the current crisis is to make many people feel insecure. But today, Governments and financial regulators implement massive recovery plans. And a broad majority of the population and of course the business community recognize the need to take collective and effective action to address this crucial challenge.

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