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Sanitary Crisis : We must Assume our Responsibilities

It is not reasonable to point the finger only at animal species to explain the current Covid 19 crisis. However, health authorities, and rightly so, stressed that 75% of all emerging infectious diseases have come from wildlife (Re.UNEP). These two statements are not contradictory. Scientists speak from zoonotic diseases which means infectious diseases spreading from animals to humans. That said, it is clearly the human being who destroys the forests. It is also the human being who has driven these animals out of their territories. It is today obvious that the deterioration of our ecosystems is one of the main factors of zoonotic disease. Illegal logging is the main driver of deforestation. And many governments, especially in South-America , are doing nothing to combat these criminal activities. It is also a clear fact that over the past few decades the number of infectious diseases that spread to people -in particular respiratory illnesses- have skyrocketed . And it should also be recalled that studies estimate that more than 3,200 strains of coronavirus already exist among bats (Re.ProPublica). Today , a number of key factors explain the alarming situation we are experiencing. 1. The climate warming that weakens the planet's natural defense system. 2. The massive deforestation for economic development. 3. An uncontrolled population growth in some parts of the world. Consequently we must take action now !

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  • Navade Umesh said:

    It's very true . 1)What ever development projects are made , the concerned agency should take the responsibility to design the project with equally balancing the echo system. This should be mandatory and strictly supervised .2) Regarding family planning measures , the individuals must be educated and regular awareness programmes to be conducted by all Government departments and non Government agencies where ever necessary.

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