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Retirees: Think Before You Leap

Many people plan to change their lives after retirement. Most of them are not looking for adventure but want to change their ways of life in a pleasant and secure environment. Many reports (Mercer, International living etc..) offer help in finding the best place to spend those retirements years. It is a fact that this issue has raised a great deal of interest. And this is no surprise because we know that for example in Europe people aged 65 years and over represent close to 20% of the population. But the rankings and classifications put forward are far from perfect. They list the main determining factors which should enable the retirees to take a good decision. One report has rated the countries on categories such as cost of living, ease of integration, health care and climate. The ranking in accordance with these criteria reveals that 5 countries top the list: 1-Ecuador. 2-Panama. 3-Malaysia. 4-Mexico. 5-Costa-Rica. We do not know if many pensioners wish to end their days in Ecuador or Panama. But what is sure is that such a ranking does not take account of the major safety issue. Mexico for example appears in the list of the 10 most dangerous countries in the world. Under this approach the 5 safest countries are: 1-Monaco. 2- Iceland. 3-Singapore. 4-Japan. 5-Brunei. Finally, many pensioners want to keep as long as possible a social and cultural life in large cities which offer a high quality environment. In line with this approach the top 5 cities in the world are: 1-Vienna (Austria). 2-Zurich (Switzerland). 3-Auckland (New-Zealand). 4-Munich (Germany). 5-Vancouver (Canada). The lesson to be retired from these classifications is that future retirees must carefully consider a reliable set of criteria before deciding to move elsewhere.

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