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Pandemics and Climate Change put a double pressure on People’s Lives

In the event of a major crisis, politicians whether in power or belonging to the opposition stick together for the good of the nation. Authorities and elected leaders must assume the burden of responsibility, to rise to an exceptional moment in the history of the country. But of course, this does not mean that every criticism should be prohibited. There are at least two obvious lessons arising from the current Covid-19 crisis. 1.Most national authorities seemed surprised by the nature and magnitude of this crisis. Yet, we believed that the fight against pandemics, given the previous epidemic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and SARS, became a top priority for public policy. In fact, the mad scramble for surgery masks and protective clothing to healthcare personnel clearly illustrates the vulnerability of many countries around the globe, including the world’s richest nations. 2.The interdependence of everyone on the planet has never been so great. The globalization has until fairly recently resulted in an ever- increasing demand for mobility of people and goods. But today many airports and seaports are in turmoil and have significantly reduced or completely stopped their activities. We are at the stage of an ultra-violent economic slowdown. This economic and social shock is aggravated by the dependence of too many companies on one supplier, China. And climate change has worsened the situation for many people. Today, most citizens accept the confinement which is the strategy recommended by the majority of governments worldwide. But for how long ?

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