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PM D.Cameron annoys the other European leaders

A rising tide of populist sentiment appears to be washing away the consensus in Europe. And the British PM is surfing on this wave of populism. It claims to want to step up his fight against an uncontrolled immigration and accuses immigrants coming mainly from Eastern Europe to do "Social Tourism".Yes, there are these abuses.But D.Cameron seeks above all to counter the Europhobes members of his own party and also targets more radical or extremist parties.If re-elected in 2015,he promises the British people a referendum on Europe: they may decide to leave the EU.In doing so it takes again a substantial risk.The irony is that the PM does not want to leave the EU. Moreover, he knows that the great majority of British business and industry organizations want to stay in the Club. If Britain should decide to withdraw from the EU- the Scots are of the opposite opinion- it would mean that the country will have to leave automatically the single market. If this should happen it must be borne in mind that in 2012 EU's share in UK's total export was about 45%. And from 2002 to 2012 UK's total export to the EU increased from £280 billion to £493 billion. Can the UK be shut out of a market of more than 500 million people? The British PM is going through a period of obvious turbulence, and he has therefore put in place his survival strategy. He wants to tackle the free movement of persons in Europe. But, not surprisingly, the European Union leaders will refuse to put into question the freedom of movement of EU citizens which is an inalienable right of European citizenship.Britain joined the EU in 1973.But each member is free to leave the Club. As things stand European leaders will have to admit that it is very difficult to cooperate with an unpredictable partner.

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